15 of the Best Beaches in Australia: PART 2

11. St Kilda Beach, Melbourne. If you’re spending time in Melbourne this is an easy beach to put in your plans. It’s right on a tram line so you don’t need to rent a car. This is a great beach for a nice, relaxing day in beautiful Melbourne.

10. Wineglass Bay, Tasmaniaimage.adapt.1200.HIGH

The name just sounds spectacular, doesn’t it? Wineglass Bay is picturesque. It’s unique among Australian beaches because it’s a distinctive bay, rather than simply ocean. It’s also in a national park and surrounded by mountains.

9. Lizard Island, Queensland

This one is actually a series of beaches with glowing, white sand. It’s on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. A visit to the island is pricey, but the views are spectacular and there is serious relaxation waiting for you when you get there.

8. Main Beach, Byron Bay, New South Wales

If you’re not interested in the crowds and excitement of Bondi Beach, you can check out Byron Bay. It’s not too far from Bondi Beach, but it’s much more quaint. There has been development in recent years, but nothing overwhelming.

7. 75 Mile Beach, Frasier Island, Queensland75MileBeach FraserIsland PhotoCreditEurongBeachResort (20)

This beach lives up to the name, and with so many miles of coastline, you can definitely find a spot all to yourself. The coastline is narrow in many parts, with greenery growing only a few feet from the water in many places. Watch out for tiger sharks if you wade too far in at 75 Mile Beach.

6. Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast QLD

Another great beach in Queensland, Burleigh Heads is off the beaten path for tourists, so you can feel like a local. The beach and water are both clear. There are lots of places to stay near Burleigh Heads beach so you can make a very special trip out of it.

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