Best Beaches in Australia To Set Foot On

Nothing quite compares to spending time in the land Down Under. Australia has so much to offer from the Outback to its majestic cities to learning about its indigenous people and colonization. Go for an adventure hike or take in the nightlife in one of Australia’s diverse towns, whether it be Sydney, Perth or Darwin.

No trip to Australia is complete without a trip to the beach. Quite frankly, Aussie beaches are some of the best in the world. They have glowing sand and colorful water. If you go snorkeling, you never know what you might see. Here are our picks for 15 of the best beaches in Australia to set foot on:


15. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

This beach is farther north than most tourists to the country ever dare venture, so you’re sure to get a unique experience. It offers sandy white beaches and clear, blue water. The great thing about this beach is that there are lots of sand bars so you can have a lot of fun wading into the water.

14. Bondi Beach, New South Wales

Of course, no list of Australian beaches is complete without mentioning Bondi Beach. It’s near Sydney and it’s a surfer’s paradise. The water is clear and there is an endless supply of shops and restaurants nearby, so there’s something for everyone.

13. Mandalay Beach, Wapole, West Australia

Heading to this beach on Australia’s sparsely populated West Coast is the trip of a lifetime. It’s rolling waves and warm sand are largely untouched by humans. It’s a drive out of Perth but the quiet views are stunning.

12. Squeaky Beach, Victoriasqueaky-beach-wilsons-promontory_gip_r_supplied_1600x900

This beach has some charm, with both a flat, sandy beach for relaxation and nearby hills with vegetation. It’s located in Wilsons Promontory National Park so there’s no trouble finding things to do during your visit. It’s as much fun to visit Squeaky Beach as it is to say you’re going to Squeaky Beach.



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