TOP 5 Beaches in Australia

5. Cable Beach, Broome, West Australia

This is a great place to take a camel ride. A flat, sandy beach dots a sky with stunning sunsets, so this is a beach to really use up that memory card in your camera. First-time visitors are in awe that such perfection can even exist. This beach is unique in Australia in that it’s actually on the Indian Ocean, not the Pacific Ocean.

4. Pinky Beach, Rottnest Island, Western Australiafixedw_large_4x

This beach is set against a unique beautiful backdrop. It’s tourist friendly, with steps leading down to the beach. The land nearby is a bit rocky and the water is beautifully uneven.

3. Sandy Bay, Exmouth, Western Australia

Another great beach in Western Australia, this beach is a great pick for families. That’s because the waters are shallow pretty far out, so families have lots of room to play. It’s also great for fishing and never crowded.

2. Mindil Beach, Darwin, Northern Australia

This isn’t a place to swim because a few crocodiles like it here, too, but it’s beautiful and popular. Mindil Beach is also the place to go to watch a beautiful sunset. Local markets are fun so you can turn your visit into an entire day of adventure.

1. Gibson Steps, Great Ocean Road, Victoriagibsons-steps_gor_r_1244209_1600x900

If you’ve come to see Australia’s famed 12 Apostles, you owe it to yourself to get close with a trip to Gibson Steps. This beach is surrounded by tall rocks, and of course, right up against the 12 Apostles. The beach doesn’t disappoint as you take in all that this stunning location has to offer.

From our point of view, these 5 are the best beaches in Australia and if you do not have enough time to visit all 15, than you should definitely visit all beaches from this list. Believe me, you will not be disappointed! If you know more beaches and would like to share your locations with us, feel free to post your comment below!